By default, ReportsKit shows two action buttons for each report: Download CSV and Download Excel. To disable these, pass an empty array to the actions option when calling render_report:

= render_report 'my_report', actions: []

To only show one of the two, pass either 'export_csv' or 'export_xls' as the only array element:

= render_report 'my_report', actions: ['export_csv']


To apply custom formatting and/or positioning to the buttons, use builder.export_csv_button or builder.export_xls_button:

= render_report 'my_report', actions: [] do |builder|
    = builder.export_csv_button 'Download CSV', class: 'btn btn-small btn-primary'
    = builder.export_xls_button class: 'btn btn-small btn-primary' do